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Update Notes

— News about my work and this site —

January 02, 2018

And again, I have neglected this site for too long. I was working away, back in late 2015, on making a lot of major changes to this site, and then in early 2016, I took some time off to rest, leaving everything here hanging in limbo. I left off with many unfinished pages, and most of the old content no longer available. I had not meant to take this much time away from this site.

One of the changes I was working on, back in late 2015, was removing one of my gallery pages to give it a new home at its one domain. MACJR’S Mini-Verse² never really fit in with the direction I took with this site, macjr.com. The differences in look and feel of a space themed gallery in a garden themed site, just wasn’t working for me. So I bought mini-verse.com and moved MACJR’S Mini-Verse² over there. This was going on at the same time that I was working on redesigning this site.

In November of 2017, I started back to work over at the mini-verse.com site, but I still have not made it back over to finish work over here. I have made a lot of progress over at the Mini-Verse, but there is still much work to do over there before I will be ready to get back over at this site.

When I do get back to work over here, at macjr.com, I plan to convert the XHTML, that I wrote these pages with, over to HTML5. Back in late 2015, HTML5 was still too new, so when I started redesigning this site, I stayed with XHTML, but now that I am getting used to writing pages in HTML5, and HTML5 is far more mainstream these days, it is now time to phase out XHTML, and work exclusively with HTML5.

When I do get back to work over here, I may make some design adjustments. I was being very creative when I wrote these pages, and some elements of this web page design may be a little confusing for some people. I know I had to look at things twice when I came back to take a look at things, after I had been away for a while. Now that I see this site from a fresh perspective, I may want to simplify a few things.

I will be back. I am not sure how long it will take, but I do want to get back here and finish what I started. I still need to finish the Garden Gallery pages, and get started on the other gallery pages, and get more of my work, art, poetry, and prose, back online.

Michael A. Crane, Jr.

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