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July 25, 2019

Welcome to what will be a new version of MACJR'S Metamorphic Gallery.

MACJR'S Metamorphic Gallery will return very soon. After some time of being renamed, the Morphed Pixels Gallery, I have reverted this gallery's name back to the Metamorphic Gallery. Barring unforeseen events, new and old artworks will be returning to this gallery within days, not weeks or years.

Back in 2003, when I first created the Metamorphic Gallery, I had not known that there was already a class of art called metamorphic art (I knew of that type of art, but not that it was called metamorphic art), and that type of art is not all that much like the art I call metamorphic art. Thus, the temporary name change, to avoid confusion.

However, in reality, what I call metamorphic art is actually made in such a way that, I feel, it is more deserving of being called "metamorphic art" than the type of art that most people call metamorphic art. My art, is actually put through digital processes that actually are metamorphic in nature, changing its properties and how it looks. The art itself is changed from one state to another. The artwork's properties are transformed, in a metamorphic process, to become something new and different from what it was before. The works themselves are transformed, not the perceptions of those works.

With what is commonly called metamorphic art, it is only the perceptions of the art, by the viewers, the seems to go through a metamorphic process. The image itself does not change at all, all that you see within the art was already there to see. Your perceptions of the other images within the larger picture are what change, as you become aware of the other images within the overall work. That is not a metamorphic process at all. It is purely a matter of changing perceptions. This is how I see it, anyway, so I am renaming my gallery back to Metamorphic Art, and besides, quite often, your mind can see other images within my metamorphic art too.

Michael A. Crane, Jr.

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