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MACJR - 2002 at Grandma Crane's house

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On I began the process of moving to a new web site host. I now have all the files and graphics moved to their new home and in working order. Unfortunately, the ftp program I used to upload my web pages made a mess of my html code as the pages were uploaded to the new host. It will take me some time to go through all the html pages and remove the extra spaces that were somehow added between each line of code. Fortunately, these extra spaces only slow the pages down a bit and do not hinder the pages from working properly.

The reason I moved from my previous web site host is two fold. First, and foremost, my service provider, as small business owner, was under attack from people who seem to have little better to do in life than make things difficult for other people. These troubled individuals were swamping my previous hosts ftp servers making them useless, which made the owner turn off the ftp function to his services. Well, this was a problem for me. Turning off the ftp makes it impossible to upload updates to the web sites hosted by his services. Although my former host would turn on the ftp function long enough for me to make updates, this was inconvenient for both of us. To make matters worse, I tend to work nights and weekends and his business works weekdays and at normal hours. Secondly, I moved to a new host to gain more services at a lower price, which also includes 24 hour seven days a week access and customer support that only a larger business can offer. Also, my new service provider is a large company much better able to deal with cyber punks.

Although I was angry at having to move, I am not angry with Luke, my former web site host (although it probably seemed so to him). I am, however, very angry at the individual, or individuals, that made this web site move a necessity. All I can say to these malcontents is, get a life please, and let the rest of us live ours. Luke, as far as I know, does not deserve to be treated this way by anyone and his customers are also paying for your rude and disruptive activities.

To Luke, I apologize for having to leave. Believe it or not, I like you and hope things get better for you soon.

Best regards,

Michael A. Crane, Jr.

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As of this update, I have decided to change my web site description to Pixel Art, Poetry and Prose. The previous description was Graphic Arts, Poetry, and Web Design. I have decided not to pursue a web hosting service or to contract out my web design skills. This website is currently just for show.

At present, I do not have time to hunt for good art links as I did in my early web site days so it is nice when someone finds me. It took me a while to get to this update online but I have now added a new artist to my link pages. Please welcome Lisa Kosmo of Silverfalls Studio. Lisa is a talented artist and her web site is well worth the visit.

I have also updated Swandog's link. Check out her refined unicorn head link image. Some of you might remember the earlier version and notice the difference.

You can find a sample of both artists' work on my Wildlife/Fantasy Links [Now located at in the Links to Elsewhere Pages] page.

For those who may be interested, I have removed the Social Commentary page. I am working on a new set of pages to take its place sometime in the near future.

There will be other site updates soon, and possibly, a sneak peek or two coming. Who knows? Things do change around here even if it does take time.

Still, I divide myself in too many directions to get any one thing done fast. I could use and assistant, or ten, but they would all want to be paid and things are tight for me as well as for many of you. Regardless of the limitations of being only one person, researching my family history and other related projects are going well. I have now scanned several generations of my family's pictures, some dating back to the late 1800s. I am now in the beginning stages of building a new website dedicate to my family tree. There will be pictures, biographies, and stories. There are some interesting characters in my family history and I want to tell their story.

Unfortunately, it will take several months to build my online family tree; there is a huge amount of data to write into the new pages, not to mention family pictures and the interesting stories. However, I am anxious to get my tree online as soon as possible. Having an online family tree will help distant relatives with their search and help me with information on ancestors I am looking for.

My Annual Site-Wide Update will be late next year. I have scheduled in a copyright update in January and a few commentary articles between now and then but any major new display of my work is out for now. My family research and genealogy website are now my focus. My grandmothers may not be here much longer and they have so much more history to share with me before I will let them go. Well, okay, I will have no say when they go so I am doing my best to learn from them now. They help greatly with their memories, picture albums, and shoeboxes, to help me find our ancestors.

This web site is a display of my work. There is nothing to buy because I am not selling anything at this time. The work here at this web site, unless otherwise noted, is entirely my own. I am the owner, the artist, the webmaster, and the writer here at I write my web pages in raw html code and create my art with a mouse and a paint program.

Best regards,


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Unscheduled Mid-Season Update

Due to e-mail harassment (and too much SPAM) I was forced to delete my old artist(at) e-mail address. Since that e-mail address was literally displayed on every single page at my websites it was a bit of a chore to update everything. However, all pages are now updated.

While I was updating my e-mail and contact information I decided to rework my link pages [This was about the Links to Elsewhere pages, that has been moved to]. as well. I have already heard favorable comments about the new look from at least one friend. :)

By the way, today is my 4-year anniversary for owning I have had the Mini-Verse² [MACJR'S Mini-Verse² has been split off from this stime and moved to] online in one form or another, and with one host or another, since 1997 but only purchased four years ago.

I need to get back to other projects now but I may do some additional updates soon.

Best regards,


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My yearly Site-Wide update is now online.

1. I have, I think, radically improved the Metamorphic Gallery [Now called the Morphed Pixels Gallery].

2. In the Garden Gallery, I have edited out (moved to different locations), and added, content.

3. I have finally re-opened Mini-Verse². I brought back the icon pages, same icons (mostly) but a new page design. I will bring back more of my old Mini-Verse² art soon.

I currently receive no monetary support for my work, my art, or my web sites. I pay a monthly website hosting fee of $29.95 and domain renewal fees at various rates per year. I pay too much for website hosting but at least I am paying a local company and I can talk with the owner without pressing 15 hundred buttons.


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