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Update Notes

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December 15, 2015

Finally, the long promised major site upgrade is online (or will be when I post this)!

Unfortunately, I did not have time to get everything I wanted done, done in time, but there is a vast amount of work put into what is online now.

I started this new page design for back in late 2012. In January of 2013, I found that I needed to test my new site design in a live environment, so I uploaded that early version of this new design to, before it was really ready. I knew it was not ready yet, and it was not intended to stay online, in that beta state, for as long as it did.

Unfortunately, life events had gotten in the way right after that. 2013 turned into a year of chaos for me. I had to set work aside to deal with one thing after another, and then there was a Big Move, from a place that I had lived for 25 years, to this new place. Then there was another series of events to deal with. All the while, this site sat here waiting for me to get back to work. But it was to be nearly three years before I was able to get my focus back on this site again.

Over the last few months, I have been working intensely to get that 2012 site upgrade project finished. It felt good to finally get back to work on this site. It took a while to go over everything, to find out where I had left off, remember where I was going with all this, deciding to change a few goals, or put them off until a later time, and then add a few new ideas, as I dug into things.

Now, finally, this site’s new design has been refined and polished. I do not consider this newly upgraded site to be completely done yet though. I still have ideas for design improvements and content pages to add. I just ran out of time to meet my self-imposed Upgrade Date, of January 01, 2016. Although not finished yet, I do feel that these new pages are far enough along to post, as they are. I can build on them from here.

I did not have time to rework the old Metamorphic Gallery, but I have plans for it. It will be renamed to the Morphed Pixels Gallery. I will start work on those pages soon.

There is a new set of pages I am planning to build as well, the Website Art pages.

I did get the new Garden Gallery pages redesigned, and posted online, but those pages are not finished yet. There is still more to come, and this is my top priority right now.

Also of note, the Update Notes pages are back, by special request.

I had discontinued the Update Notes pages back in January of 2013, and replaced them with “Site Notes”, but I was informed that the Update Notes pages were missed. Although I tend to cringe when I re-read some of those old Update Notes, they do have information about the development of this site, going all the way back to this site’s first weeks online.

Michael A. Crane, Jr.

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