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2007 Archive

MACJR.COM, as it was back in 2007 (more or less). This was actually the 2005-2012 version of (that was built from the 2002 and 2003 versions of, but due to intensive genealogy research, little had changed over the years after 2005. The 2007 update was the last update for this version of However, there are more pages of art and poems to look through in this version of, than there is in the 2018 version of

This revived version of is essentially a 2007 v2.0 version of I did make some adjustments, here and there, that make this less than an authentic recreation of the origional 2007 pages, but it is essentially true to the original site in most ways. Even the HTML has only been lightly retouched. However, I did add CSS, where needed, for select locations, and for Archive navigation. All art images, that had looked faded on modern screens, have been updated to look better on today's displays.

2018 Archive

MACJR.COM as it was from 2013-2019. I started work on this page design back in 2012, but it did not get uploaded to to the Internet until January of 2013. The last update for this version of was on January 02, 2018,which is why I call it the 2018 Archive. I began work on a new version of, based on this version, but less bloated and also bringing back some elements of the 2007 pages, but refined and more complete, in April of 2018, and those pages will be online, before the end of 2019, or on January 01, 2020 (this is the goal anyway).

There is less art and poetry in this version of, than there is in the 2007 pages, but what art and poetry there is, is more refined. There are a few new art samples that were included with this version of, as well as several before and after pictures, of works in progress. The 2013-2018 pages were still very much a work in progress though, and left unfinished.

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