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About My Art Galleries

My Art Galleries

All three of my current art galleries exist in their own, individual, subdomain of

Each gallery subdomain site functions completely independent from, but every gallery page has links back to Although each art gallery currently shares a page design theme with the root domain,, each gallery is, in reality, separate from, and separate from the other subdomains of

In time, each of the gallery sites may evolve page design themes that look different from, and from each other. For now, though, all of the galleries look and function very much the same as, but each gallery has, or will have, some design aspects that makes them unique entities.

The Garden Gallery

The Garden Gallery is a themed display of my art and web design skills.

Please note, because of the Garden gallery’s complex graphics page design, customized Windows font and display settings may have major negative impacts on the Garden Gallery pages. Enlarging these Windows settings will cause some graphics design elements of the Garden Gallery pages to be pushed out of alignment. The higher the text size, and/or screen display size settings, the more out of shape the Garden pages will be pushed.

Web browser zoom settings can also cause some minor issues with my page designs, but this is nothing compared to the mess that changing Windows text and display settings can cause.

Please also note, the Garden Gallery is divided into two separate sets of pages. Path 1 focuses on my visual art, while Path 2 pairs my poetry with my visual art.

Path 1 is safe for kids.

Path 2 may be too mature for younger children. I recommend that parents read the poetry within the Path 2 pages before deciding if their children should be allowed to visit those pages.

The Morphed Pixels Gallery

The Morphed Pixels Gallery is another themed gallery. This gallery may still be in the process of renovation when I post this page online. Stay tuned for more information.

The Website Art pages

This new gallery is Under Construction. Stay tuned for more information.

Michael A. Crane, Jr.

My Art Galleries

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